I started a 3 month private coaching program with Charmaine to help me take my business to the next level. I was at a point where I felt stagnant and didn’t understand why. Her coaching sessions gave me far more then I anticipated! It has truly changed the growth of my business because she helped me with self discovery.I had no idea that I was the one holding myself back or that experiences from my childhood had influenced my behaviors. She helped me discover and become aware of my fears and why I had them, and she supported me in facing them and challenging myself daily.

This personal growth has had tremendous impact on my life, my business and even those around me. Since our coaching sessions, my business and business partners have grown as well. From her coaching me to remove the ‘block’ that made me stagnant, my growth and energy is flowing into my business partners who are also seeing tremendous growth as well! She has provided me with the tools and knowledge to also help them overcome their fears and assist them in their journey.

I highly recommend her coaching program! You will learn and discover about you and she will show you how to apply this in your daily life and how to achieve YOUR GOALS!

Sandie Hale
Level V Executive Consultant
Oahu, HI


What each individual will get from working with Charmaine is different, and that’s what makes her work so special – she is able to key in to what each individual may be struggling with, and help guide them to new freedoms. Charmaine, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

~ Karen Sutton


Charmaine not only has an incredible amount of experience and wisdom to apply in any situation, but she has also demonstrated her ability to express it to others in a way which truly touches the heart. I would recommend her services to anyone who wishes to learn a little more about themselves.

~ Jesse Goodman


Charmaine brings to her practice an extensive background of experience blended with keen insight and discernment.  Her analysis of individuals is accurate yet non-judgmental.  She is able to build trust quickly yet is not afraid to uncover the deeper issues within situations and individuals.  I found Charmaine very helpful during a challenging time when I felt “no one could understand”. Thank you for your assistance Charmaine.

~ Laura Luz  MA.,CM


We are all guilty of self-negligence, but more often than we care to admit.  She [Charmaine] helped me discover my Own Truth: That Self -ish is NOT Self Centered.  Our Self is all we have to offer, to the world, to our Creator, but it is so often what we punish most and love the least.  Charmaine’s gift of Self is rich in abundance because she cares for herself / heals thoroughly before sharing her Light with the rest of the world -and her Light, her Gift, and the lives she touches, are that much purer for it.

~ Nicole, Sales Representative


I finally felt as though I had a set of tools for me to rebuild my life. It was no longer about what other people needed me to be. All those years I spent learning and studying began sinking in to every cell of my body. I felt whole.

~ Gaia – Author, Reiki Master Teacher