You Can Make It – Reinvent Yourself

I love the song “You Can Make It, If You Try”….  It is a tune that is constant whenever I lose focus to be the best that I can be.  It is easy to come across obstacles.  That is life.  But when I created steps of momentum that became repetition, it became easier.  Easier to live with my own discovery of my truth.  I found that by putting effort in to something I really wanted, loved and desired that the rest will happen.

Describe your best you

  • Assess your life and how you feel about it (good and bad alike)
  • Take note on how you want to feel – best you
  • Example:  Feel balanced and enriched with your relationships
  • What is your vision of what that best you would look like

Identify your inner obstacles

  • What’s stopping you?
  • Look from within
  • Example:  you feel stressed and unappreciated?  REINVENT yourself.  Find out if it is your perception?
  • Identify inner obstacles based on choosing your reaction
  • Inner obstacles can be difficult and painful to identify
  • Assess your deepest beliefs to change your behavior

Fake it ’til you make it

  • Focus on overcoming them
  • Best way:  act as if you’ve already overcome them
  • You deserve, be the magnet of love
  • Affirmations will act as triggers
  • Encourage self

Be the change you want to see” and “faking it until you make it,” allows repetition.  Repetition sets the imprint for you to start to plan and act upon your vision.  It’s time to put those good things about yourself (your resilience, your sense of humor, whatever it is you’ve listed as part of step two) to work in your transformation!