Time To Transmute

If we look back at the words of the ancient ones, we are experiencing the purging of our guilt, resentment and negative judgment.  We have experienced our worthiness vs. our worthlessness.  Yet, these experiences are what each of us must be willing to go through and embrace it as part of who we are in our divine essence.

How does one begin to understand the relationship between one’s pain and the whole of who we think we are today?  This process we are going through is automatic, taking its course to purge what does not serve us any longer.  My observation is that I have gone through all my ugliness of self-worth, abuse, being lost with no identity of being human, and consciously creating a purity of being, which is clear and sincere.

It is important to remember these key points:

  • This process occurs repeatedly over time to purify and purge until transmutation takes place.
  • When this transmutation occurs, each of us becomes fully aware of the divine connection and acceptance of self.
  • The Transmutation we each are feeling is purification of the soul, an ability to allow ourselves to purge old energies.

I have found that our process to understand the human physiology is complicated.  The progress is learning to LOVE ourselves and be kind to ourselves.  For example, through my eyes of being abused, there are times we set ourselves up to continually be victims. I know that I had to take responsibility of how I was feeling and not allow myself be the victim in any circumstances.  It was quite difficult to create this separation at first.  However once I purged the ugliness, I am and have been transmuting into my truth.

Even today, I find myself in the process each turning point of my life.  Lately it has forced us to take a closer look.  I know when I look at my closest family and friends with what life throws their way, it ignites one’s worth.  Yet, as we truly want to evolve we are each responsible for the change.  It is time.

More in depth information is in my article called, “Transmutation – Transfer between Spirit and Human at www.lightworker.com/Spectrum.