The Gift

Today, more people have a better understanding about oneself.  Being cognitive of what feelings you suppress or thoughts you deny continues the cycle of realities.  Some feel at a lost because no matter what other people still do not accept who they are.

The gift you will find is who you have become.  Many times your downfall – lost of your dreams and feeling rejected can keep you moving.   You don’t let it stop you because you are grounded deep within your existence.  No longer beating yourself up that you are not enough.  You no longer search for acceptance of other people’s opinions.

Embrace this time of self-discovery to “Be Your Hero” and know that the gift you received is yours from the inception of your life.  That the answers are not external which is easily obtained when we look at others who may seem capable?

The mind creates the illusion that from your belief system of “not enough”.  At times you may feel further away from connecting with others.  When truly the way they feel about you has nothing to do with you.  Again it is time to focus on perspective and become strong with who have become. Be strong within your own perfect imperfection as you pursue your life from a perspective that you are the gift.

Never settle on other people’s perspective of who you are.  The assumptions people make to validate your personality, your being is truly none of their business.  It is time to act out from the gift – love.  Share it with a dash of forgiveness.  And as a side dish embrace their perfect imperfection that allows you to honor all that is.

Become totally visible as you stand in truth!  Love is the key to living life fully.