I haven’t been able to complete my writing articles. It’s easy to state the excuses of what stops me. Distractions and uncertainty protrudes through my intent to attain goals. In truth, I made the choice because I set my priorities. Focused on what my heart desires versus what I am passionate about.

It is part of my tradition to apply what is expected of me. I know it is a part of how I was raised with beliefs passed down from one generation to another.

My heart desires what I love the most. I recognize that I accomplished the best I was able to with my children, my husband, my life and the choices I make in in the name of love. This no one can take away from me. It is clearly what I want to do.

The most significant part of my existence until the day I die is my grandchildren. Why? Because I will leave with them my legacy about how I loved and how I lived. I love them so very much. Yes, a love different from my children.

My children I love dearly because we grew up together. We had the good and the bad times which include the tragedies and disappointments. We experienced the love and the hate. With my husband we have grown strong as individuals as well as with one another. The burdens and struggles have certainly driven us into an abyss of unfamiliarity of our own identity. We both grew and changed.

The shift came unexpected being involved in raising my grandchildren. I shared who I have become as a leader. The importance of discovering there no longer is power in being right. The strength in being worthless has no bond. I no longer have a silent voice. I speak up whether I am heard or not. I act upon what was given to me as a gift, my birthright to be present of my shift. In this way I continue to show up and dance at my own party; celebrate how I live and love.

It is for this reason I share from my experience. My identity of who I have become is a shift that sometimes can be distracting. As you find life to be difficult or not, you will continue to keep shifting as everything keeps evolving around you.

Remember there are other generations that followed me. Each generation being substantially forthright about who they are, how they wished to live and choices made without thought. I found at times this way of living was out of survival to get back what they thought was or was not lost. Most of their attention was about them feeling misguided. There were others who found how to begin to live in the moment, not be desecrated by other people’s judgments.

The lost generations are recovering to fight for their passion about life. In no way am I saying there is one generation better than the other. Only to state the similarities about what you want and how love is an important factor to this equation. You will realize the strength in your voice to speak up gives you the courage to stand up about who you are is enough.

Yet, I want you to know although it wasn’t an easy mission, I love fully. I am in love with helping others. It truly is the thrill of my life to watch others become successful, to grow, to find love, discover whatever it is they so desire.

What are your dreams? What is it that you desire? Where do you want to be? Look back at the past as an experience, history to learn by and be present and responsible to create the future.

Discover why you stopped dreaming and define your purpose. Decide what your action is distinctly about to keep you moving. You are the example once you expose the truth. Shifting is a willful, conscious act to “make things right”. Never remain in one place to fulfill your destiny. This shift is being felt by everyone; some more so than others. This journey has been a long, very long, ride as you attain clarity as the momentum continues to increase the pace.