Reinvent Yourself

Key points to assist you to take steps forward in your decisions.  They are not possibilities.  It is acting upon the awakening the truth of who you are.


  • Change the things we don’t like about ourselves
  • It takes six months to reset goals

Reality check!

  • Human existence
  • Only you can decide who you are – you have choices
  • Choice on how to handle external events
  • Choice with your Emotions & Feelings
  • If you are listening now – you have already begun
  • Be the change you wish to see
  • Acceptance of what you create

External vs. Internal

  • Pay attention to what you feel and to your emotions
  • Life will challenge them
  • Two questions as a trigger:  How do you feel right now?  How do you want to feel?
  • Mistake is your goals from the outside in (materialistic, success, etc.)
  • You are in control:  feel sexy, healthy and comfortable, experience unconditional love and companionship


  • What are your intended feelings not intended outcome
  • Be realistic in your goals where you enjoy them
  • Example: assessing every potential partner for their willingness to settle down: seek genuine compatibility
  • How do you feel about that person? Why?  What’s working? Why not?

This is your opportunity to shift your realities that may be stopping you from your dreams.  Decide and make a choice as you make the necessary changes to have a happier lifestyle.  Act upon positive focus that will keep you on track.  More information in next month’s article.