Ready to Shift?

Trust my ‘gut feeling’ or intuition will look as if I am making it up.  I have to really ask this as I battle with my mindset.  I did find ignoring my intuition led to majority of my regret.  Oh shucks, maybe next time is what I convinced myself with.

Nothing complicating about living in the 21th century at all except taking responsibility every time something shifts in my life.  These shifts cause me to take action and lots of times it leads to change at times uncomfortable. My new drive is being successful at the choices I make.  This is completely unreal at times.  Almost unreachable as everything around me is also changing – I am not speaking about age.

The times of respect, honor, fairness….the list goes on has completely been redirected.  I have seen this explicitly amongst various generations as I watch my children and their peers.  Then unremarkably I involve my energies in their world.  As I experience it even more through their children how life has shifted tremendously.  There is no simple choice any more.  The dreams and desires are subjected to pressure amongst peers, intimate relationships and the expectation from society.

I am sure you agree why the expectation of others should be the criteria.  In observation, there is no clear answer only speculation within my sphere of reality.  Living fully to the best I can as I am a witness to the shift amongst us.  It is unending turns into the unknown because of many circumstances.  The economy, environment, cultural shifts into a multi-racial, heterosexual, homosexual, you name it.  We have had major shifts!!

The solution I have found is to live fully within your integrity.  With compassion not be harmful to another human being.  Stop the violence and respect each other instead.  Be considerate of the choices people make even though you may not comprehend.  Accept another human soul’s perspective without judgment.  Cease condescending thoughts about you.  Release any self-destructing beliefs.  Heal the broken heart with love.

No matter what we will continue to have these shifts.  It is not temporary.  They make significant benchmarks in people’s lives.  It is our choice now to indulge by making a difference and be an example.  In this shift, I want to be a product of love and acceptance embracing who I am.  Whenever I decide to act from love and acceptance I find the shifts delightfully miraculous.

Can you feel the shift now?  You will notice there are a considerable amount of people who have decided to go with the flow.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually the scales of truth become apparent.  It is time to be faithful to your word.  Not what is expected of you from those around you, especially those who love you.

What is essential to our human soul?

Take action when it is time. Assist the human soul during the shift beginning with you first. Life is precious!

  1. Pay attention to what your heart is saying.
  2. Remain loyal to your intuition.
  3. Expand your communication to unlock the human senses on all levels.
  4. Commit and cherish those around you with harm to none.
  5. Incite living in the moment.
  6. Observe the transition.
  7. Understand who you are as you extend your expertise to others.
  8. Share your truth by being you.