Fear or Anxiety

“Adversity will surface in every life. How we meet it makes the difference.” ~ Unknown

We all have some kind of shyness; it is awkwardness in social situations that can make someone feel self-conscious. It depends on the situation. There are those who can be confident speaking; yet, not when communicating one-on-one on a personal level.

Have you found you tend to hold yourself back? Whatever it is for you, it is a way of communicating differently. Understanding and being aware is the first step to get past fear. It is similar to anxiety. Anxiety has physical sensations such as sweating, blushing, feeling sick or continuously talking not making any sense. Fear does as well. But fear will cause more of the thoughts to become more unrealistic that you begin to get the physical reactions.

With fear or anxiety, some people would show off, or be really calm in demeanor or tongue-tied which are normal reactions. There those who can mask or better at handling their insecurities that is causing these feelings.

This is why the number one fear is public speaking. It triggers a myriad of feelings that could lead to humiliation or embarrassment. Some prepare for their speeches and are great at it. On the other hand, there are those who become uncomfortable if called to speak spontaneously, on the spot. For some even a 30-second introduction will throw someone off guard.

Decide who is leading. Is it your fear? Is it your anxiety? Would you rather lead and know that they are both there and you can still lead and move forward? This is where I leave you with the challenge. You probably heard, “choose and move”. It is your opportunity to make the choice knowing who you are, as a person, as a leader and most of all a commitment to self.