Cosmic Being – “I accept”

My feelings are erratic as I continue to walk curiously with gratefulness.  In the height of my awareness I am led by the love of divine spirit.  It is with total surrender to god’s plan as he willfully demands nothing more and nothing less of me; I AM that I AM as he echoes these words within my heart.

Although I welcome those I miss– family and friends whom I have lost; it is my family and friends of Light that embraces me as whole.  Together we unite as one, as celestial beings of light to prevail over the shades of darkness.

In total captivity within my journey, I relinquish my soul in acceptance led by my guides. They have appeared in so many ways.  Most of all their want for me to be a unique entity in physical life form as they (The Council) have called upon me to connect truth-desires-dreams of all human beings.  In separateness of our own identities, there is emergence of each soul from multiple galaxies forming as one cosmic nation.

As the galactic unity emerged in 2012, the truth has been revealed within all the challenges that brought me here today.  My book is complete and throughout the process unveiled the naked truth.  I stood there wondering as I looked into the mirror if I had weaved together the perfect me.  The depths of my soul shouted throughout as it threw before me my wins and losses transcribed as my achievements and/or defeats.  In retrospect, I realized that each obstacle became a benchmark.  It was a reminder that I am human playing in a greater game right alongside of fear.

For those who do not believe that there is a cosmic emission happening, think again!  We are an element of the universe calling upon us to be visible.  No longer are you requested to hide under the wings of others.  No longer are you requested to hold up the guise of protection.  Welcome the warrior that has flamed the darkness within.

I appear amongst you as I AM in total integration in this cycle of evolution. I accept the wisdom and teachings succinctly revealed to me from my cosmic family.  Exposing blatantly all about myself as a beautiful imperfect being; yet, perfect in my atomic structure to build strong foundations.

Together, we will forge to BE — to be love, to be light; as all reflections throughout each of our existence harmonically impacts other energies to accelerate.  Accelerate to attract joy, harmony, happiness… each are the message of hope. A call to action is evident as the heavens amplify the voices of love to bring together the cosmic mass – the ultimate ecstasy – your existence.

Are you ready?

~Namaste, Charmaine Lee