Are You Lonely? Feel Defeated?

Recently, we have been hearing all the sadness of people who have lost control.  Control of what they are experiencing with their feelings.  For example, the man who went on a rampage shooting in Washington D.C. was he different from the woman who decided to ram the White House while her one year old is in the vehicle.

Did they become desperate in their mind set that they felt lonely?  Possibly separate from the world, the reality of life becoming more and more alone.  Being lonely is rarely ever a positive feeling or situation. Being lonely is a craving.

Craving for what?  A craving that each human desires to have in companionship and no longer is alone.  Yes, no matter whom it may be and the situation, it is still an odd place to be.  The transition is complex, almost running amok as these feelings go between being alone and lonely.  It becomes out of control where it feels strongly unmanageable leaving one empty.  It can cause moments of anxiety or depression- a place that feels mundane and at times gloomy with no hope of direction.

If you are in this dimensional place, I urge you to look at what is the meaning of life for you.  Here are some steps to allow you to be aware, be focused and take action to change this place you may feel is inevitable.

1)     Map out what you want to do in life.  I know that with what is happening today with our government, economy…it may seem impossible to plan.  However, when you map out what you want to do, it gives focus to continue to decide your next steps.

2)     Look at your self-belief about you.  Some people do not feel that the accomplishments they have made are their own.  A loss of a job or house brings up failure losing site of the success they had done this alone. The trust of their ability has been lost and now must be regained.

3)     Trust yourself.  They are those who feel the need for another person to support their decisions, to make them feel safe and to help them get from point A to point B.  Self-love (trust) can do this alone. This allows a stronger relationship with self and with your partner or spouse creating depth within you.

These are just a few steps that will begin your journey to focus.  Many times repetition by implementing simple steps can rejuvenate you.  It can inspire the motivation to keep moving forward.  Thus, expand your perspectives about your limiting beliefs that keep you lonely.  And to shift them in the moment to realize that your successes have been done on your own!