A Moment In Time

It is the 60th year of life where my family put together a wonderful celebration.  As I reflected upon the people who attended – some family and friends – the moment in time brought me back to a dimensional existence.  Many of my family and friends were not able to make it; yet, I know they were with me in spirit.  I felt thoroughly fulfilled.  Although I knew my roots and my family blueprint; there were a lot of friends from all aspects of my life that I found defined me.  This was something that pleasantly awakened me to what I had accomplished to complete my journey.

Oddly, I am saying completion of my journey that has been a roller coaster ride.  There were highs and lows; both enjoyable and not so enjoyable.  The fast turns that were foreseen were rough and still I rode it to the end.  My feelings of being comfortable and uneasy left me with mixed emotions.  Yet, life continued to come towards me quickly.  Was it a test?  Was it a way for me to look at just how much I had grown and/or healed?

Well, I was reminded clearly by dear friends…look at who was present from various aspects of my reality.  It went back to the times of change: a benchmark.  Can you imagine watching your life come together in front of you?  Whether it made sense or not and although it was difficult, right there before me was a reminder for me to continue on towards my next cycle–my legacy.  Something that I can bequest to my children, but more so to my grandchildren.  What a revelation!

Right in front of me were those dear to me from over 30 years.  I remember it was these times that I was lost-hurt-confused.  I experienced love-family-friends and hope.  They taught me unconditional love.  I recall their wonderful support and acceptance.  A path that I began and almost did not continue. They became an intricate part of my healing.  A possible platform to grow so I can live.  I had several paths to take that was undeniably difficult.  It was more than just a test.

In the transition, forcing my hands to keep going I met my best friend who listened to all my crying and would ease my pain.  Her shoulders were always available and non-judgmental.  With her was her son who reminded me of the growth we made together.

When I took back my power I saw those around me who were an apparent signature.  I recall the experiences I produced with graduates of PSI (Personal Success Institute) who trusted enough to embrace me.  It was a time that I felt empowered and challenged with the information I had gain up to this point.

What happened in the interim was the closeness of those who saw me as their equal.  Someone who they saw as a person with stature.  Giving credit to my open heart as I gave freely to each one of them due to their kindness.

My spiritual family were present as a reflection of balance and truth which became the completion of my life at this point.  They reminded me of the meaning of spirit and how spirit touched my life and had taken me full circle filled with so much love.  I never thought of just how much love that was around me until now.

I felt overwhelmed and full with satisfaction.  It was a hard road to take and at times the paths that I had taken were best to retreat or cease. My guides refused to see me settle and I was blessed with the strength to keep my focus: to triumph over the assumption that I was not at all loved.  I saw that my generation in “this moment of time” had gone through its healing to allow growth and acceptance.  Love was in the air!!  What a feeling this was from where it began 60 years ago.

In the middle of this reality, I felt I was in several dimensions searching for grounding.  It was my family standing next to me as I know I leave a legacy to pass on to them.  That ‘love is all there is’….and may I continue to highlight it as I pay it forward beginning with the next generation–my granddaughters.

Celebration of life was a beautiful melody.  A song that was put together so many years ago that was once incomplete is now a massive hit.  I am grateful to my family and friends for this experience-this realization that is dear to my heart.  I look forward to my next step….and those that will continue with me.