Communication as a Sales Tool

Participating in this program will teach you to:

1. Master the Art of Communication and Connection.

  • Engage the person’s interest in few seconds and build instant rapport.
  • Understand the different personality types and buying needs.
  • Initiate Active Listening to qualify prospect.
  • Create conversational statements for opening pitch and closing statements.

2. Recognize Body Language (In Sales facial and body is 55%)

  • Identify the individual’s true intention or meaning.
  • Maintain direct eye contact.
  • Be aware of posture, voice tones, speed and word choices.
  • Understand what is not being said – read between the lines.

3. Establish trust and credibility.

  • Set up an open and safe space to hear feedback.
  • Build strong collaboration with team/partner and customer.
  • Be willing to hear what the other is saying. Work together and make no assumptions.
  • Ability to handle unhappy customers and encourage people to talk.

4. Improve on Vocal Skills (38% is tone)

  • Use effective pitch, tone, inflection, speed and enunciation.
  • Convey meaning through the sound of your voice.
  • Be specific and genuine.
  • Vary quality and intensity of your voice to hold interest.