Participating in this program will teach you to:

1. Develop effective communication with management on how to deal with their teams to accomplish their goals as a company.

  • This takes clear communication from upper management to focus upon the company’s vision. Miscommunication can cause confusion; losing productivity.
  • By working together, the end result will create equal consideration for each person on the team.
  • Peoples’ input and opinions are valuable. Learn to listen to ease conflict and tension in the workplace.

2. Correct miscommunication right away. Declining relationships (loss of teamwork) are due to misunderstandings, misrepresentations and mistrust.

  • Involve others in the ownership of ideas and planning process. Promote collaboration for greater efficiency.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions, words and decisions.
  • Admit mistakes and acknowledge project missteps, and be accountable to promote accountability.

3. Improve upon listening skills, clarify communication and leadership.

  • Inspire confidence through example by your actions and behavior. Walk the talk!
  • Engage in honest conversations through active listening skills.
  • Demonstrate company values through your thoughts, words, and actions.

4. Encourage positive relationships for both management and team (win/win model).

  • Have perfect self-expression. Be straightforward and consistent. Say what you mean, when you say it.
  • Build trustworthy relationships through honesty and integrity.
  • Follow through on commitments and promises.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.