Book Author

My intention is to give words of encouragement and hope as you are on your journey.  Besides writing my own messages in my book and blogs; I have also openly shared my wisdom in multiple books.  I am dedicated to assist in building one’s inner strength and to inspire those for growth, change and truth.


Gardenias Bruise Easily


My book “Gardenias Bruise Easily” reveals the challenges of abuse, how to escape the cycle, ways to implement tools to become victorious and successful with your life.  There is more to the story than just abuse, you will discover hope. It spells out concepts and key ways of thinking at the end of chapters that help guide and stimulate new ways of thinking and actions to take in order to break the cycle and create relationships and wisdom that result in deep contentment and love.

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Who Is the Twelfth Author?


This is a book that I contributed to and a concept that I strongly believe in.  Check it out at the Luminosity Wellness Center. Visit the center’s website.


Messages Straight From the Heart


Another book I contributed to. Stories of Inspiration from Nevada. Stories from 100 contributing authors.