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Coach, Book Author and Speaker


Charmaine Lee’s motivation for personal growth is because of her life’s experiences. Her desire to find the truth in how the mind works compelled her to strive for answers. It was because of this journey she followed her aspiration to help other people become empowered.


She worked for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department with hopes of becoming a police officer to be of service to others. Instead, destiny led her to work with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as a civilian for 17 years. During this time she volunteered to speak at several community programs offered by LVMPD.


Simultaneously, she became a volunteer in the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Southern Nevada, Inc. (ensuring emotional and practical support to those traumatized in emergency situations).

Charmaine Lee continued her education on Communication, Peer Counseling, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership development. She found her passion and left LVMPD to work at PSI Seminars expanding her skills in speaking, training, coaching and more. Ultimately making a difference in people’s lives became the driving force of her passion.


She subsequently moved on as a Director at YMCA working with outreach areas and youths from all walks of life implementing leadership and coaching programs, and administered “YES to Youth” program.


In the interim she intensively studied the teachings of Dr. Ken Fabian whose work was beyond its time. His expertise about human behavior and its effects inspired Charmaine Lee to develop “Unlocking the Inner Mirror” training system.


In 2013 she released her book, “Gardenias Bruise Easily, Giving Silence a Voice from Abuse to Love” where she shares her road to success by overcoming adversities. Also included are excerpts of how to lead and take back one’s power. Currently, she is in the process of writing her 2nd edition of her book, “Becoming an Empowered Leader”. It didn’t stop here; she contributed as a co-author of two books for self-help and personal growth.


Effective communication was the missing link to the key for success. She became a NLP Master Practitioner/Integrative Practices learning the language of one’s own mind. There were many other communication and relationship systems she studied. Essentially she became certified trainer/coach with a superb communication system, the BANKCODE.


Charmaine Lee’s dedication led to years of training to include spiritual and health to her repertoire. The extensive education along with life experiences invigorated her to incorporate and develop "Mindful Success Systems" for personal empowerment.